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Clash Royale Hack for Android and IOS

Clash Royale is a blast! There is just no any other way to put it. This super interactive game is in a class of its own! And that should not come as a surprise because its maker, Supercell, is also the developer of several other massively popular games such as Hay Day, Boom Beach and the Clash of Clans. Millions of players who have downloaded the app like the fact that they are fighting against other online players and not the computer. This is just one of the factors that make this game very exciting! Another factor is that the game is quite basic and easy to play (at the lower levels at least). You simply need to destroy more towers than your enemy to win!

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Why get Clash Royale cheats if it is that fun and easy to play?

Well, I was also of the same thinking when I started playing the game. However, when I met a guy who was at one of the higher levels of the game, I realized that I was missing out on a lot more fun! The guy was playing in tournaments and challenges that had plenty more cards and gems to win than I did. He was also fighting in much cooler arenas than I was! Seeing this, I decided to put in as much effort as I could including sometimes playing the game up to 3 hours continuously (I had a lot of free time) to reach the higher levels but to no avail. Getting enough coins and trophies to proceed to higher levels was difficult. Very difficult!  And the frustrations didn’t end there. When I searched online for Clash Royale hacks that could help me get more gems and gold I didn’t find anything effective!

John Cruise

clash royale hack

That’s when I decided to come up with this site for a Clash Royal Hack. I went back to the pro and asked him if he had any tips on how to progress much faster in the game. He said yes and gave me his collection of tips and tricks. I implemented those tips and started seeing progress in my game. I looked around for other pros and asked them for their advice. Some of the tips I got worked and some didn’t. I compiled those that worked, and here we are! It has now been three months, and I have collected dozens more Clash Royale hacks that I personally verify before posting them on this site.

Apart from the Clash Royale cheats, hacks, and tips, we (me and my team) have also been able (through blood, sweat, and tears) to come up with the ultimate Clash Royale hack – a gold, elixir, and gems generating tool. This tool will help you get those points you need to avoid endlessly wasting time on those low levels of the game.

Now that you have this tool, you no longer have to worry about that friend of yours who keeps boasting of his or her high points every time you meet. You simply come here and get what you need to level up with him or even to pass him! You no longer have to spend money online to purchase gold or unlock a chest. Our tool, hacks, and tips will do the trick!

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Here are some of the Clash Royale Hacks:

1. You will know more about earning gold (not real gold of course!). Gold is the chief currency in Clash Royale, and you mainly earn it by winning battles. You will learn how to get more gold much faster and without having to spend endless days (as I did)!

2. You will know when to upgrade and when not to. Don’t just use your gold in making upgrades at the lower levels; there are much more important upgrades you could make at the higher levels to have stronger fighting units.

3. How to win battles: It is said the best defense is offense. But that doesn’t always work on Clash Royale where most of the time what you need is an excellent defense and a good counterattack to finish off your enemy when the time is right. You will get to know about this and about card strategies, which units to deploy and when it’s right to destroy your enemy.

clash royale hack
clash royale cheats
4. You will learn about how to deal with those hard to defeat decks (of which there are many): You don’t have to despair every time you see an impressive deck on the other side. We have all the information you need to destroy those seemingly hard to defeat decks.

5. Let’s not forget our gold generator: There might be many Clash Royale hack tools out there, but I believe none is us clean or us effective as ours. It will help you climb those levels quickly without having to put in too much hard work.

We have the ultimate Clash Royale hack for Android. It is the best of the best. You will get the Gold and Elixir promised on our generator. If you are an iPhone user then worry not. Our Clash Royale hack for iOS is one of the best on the market.

We, unlike other sites, also constantly check for updates on the game site and tweak our system accordingly (if there is any need) to make sure it still works.

Our Clash Royale cheats, tips, and hacks are verified by at least two players before we publish them on this site. You won’t find any tips or cheats that are not working. Escape the hassle of having to spend real money to get gold on the game. We will get you to that level you have been dreaming about! Want to be the best Clash Royale player? Join us now to take your gaming to the next level!

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